1. Existing Controllers

1.1. Api Backend Controller

Establishes the connection to OpenEMS Backend.

1.2. Api REST/JSON Controller

Provides a REST-Api for external access to OpenEMS Edge. The default port for the server is 8084; so the default base address for REST calls is http://x:<PASSWORD>@<IP>:8084/rest, where

  • "http" is the protocol

  • "x" is the user. Authentification in OpenEMS is via password only, so username can be anything.

  • "<PASSWORD>" is the user password. If no specifi settings have been made, try 'user' or 'admin' here.

  • "8084" is the configured port

A good way to test REST-Api calls is via the Chrome extension Restlet


1.3. Api Websocket Controller

Server for connection from OpenEMS UI to OpenEMS Edge.

1.4. Channel-Threshold Controller

Switch I/Os according to Channel-Value, e.g. State-of-Charge of the battery.

1.5. Debug Detailed-Log Controller

Output detailed debug information about specific Components on the console.

1.6. Debug Log Controller

Output generic information about every Component on every cycle.

1.7. Ess Limit Total Discharge

Avoid total discharge of an energy storage system (ESS). Allows to define a Min-SoC and Force-Charge-SoC.

1.8. Symmetric Balancing Controller

Symmetric self-consumption optimization.

1.9. Symmetric Fix-Active-Power Controller

Allows setting of a fixed Active-Power value for an ESS.

1.10. Symmetric Fix-Reactive-Power Controller

Allows setting of a fixed Reactive-Power value for an ESS.

1.11. Developing a Controller