MEMAP – Multi-Energy Management and Aggregation Platform

MEMAP – Multi-Energie Management und Aggregations-Plattform

The research project „Multi-Energy Management and Aggregation Platform“ (MEMAP) aims to develop a software platform that connects and coordinates several buildings in a cross-sectoral manner via their local energy management systems (EMS). By employing model-predictive control, potential synergies, which are due to different demand and generation profiles or storage capacities, are identified and exploited within the group of buildings.

As an academic project partner, the Munich School of Engineering (MSE) is responsible for modelling, optimization and simulation of the considered energy system configurations in order to develop a framework for the core functionalities of the platform. Moreover, in cooperation with the MEMAP project partners, the MSE uses its in-house Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems (CoSES) neighborhood simulation laboratory to test the platform.

The project uses the open source energy management system OpenEMS ( for the local optimization of a storage system within the network.

Project Partners

Project period

01.06.2017 – 31.05.2021

Source of funding

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy via Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH. Funding Code: 03ET1413B. Details on

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