Release 2020.21.0

Improvements for Hardware drivers:

  • Batteries: BMW and BYD Battery-Box Commercial
  • Battery Inverters: REFU88k, KACO 50, KACO 92 and Sinexcel
  • Wallbox: KEBA
  • Energy meters: Janitza UMG604 and Discovergy

New control algorithm for Delayed Sell-to-Grid of a system with photovoltaics and energy storage

Continuous Integration: enable automated JUnit tests on each commit to the OpenEMS repository

…and lots of code quality improvements and bug fixes

Release 2020.20.0

Enable Gitpod cloud IDE

The Gitpod workspace automatically builds and runs instances of OpenEMS Edge, Backend and UI. They are preconfigured to simulate an energy system with two photovoltaics systems, an energy storage system, simulated consumption, self-consumption optimization and some controllers that act on simulated I/Os.

To open a Gitpod workspace, follow the links in the main README.MD file or directly

Massive performance improvements on Energy Storage Systems Power-Solver

The Ess Power Component is responsible for distributing power requirements to one or more energy storage systems, while considering arbitrary constraints and optimizing for certain targets. These updates improve the performance of this solver by more than 400 % on large systems

Update to Angular 10 and more UI updates

Improve integrity tests of OpenEMS configuration (via OSGi-Validate-Worker)

…and lots of code quality improvements and bug fixes

Release 2020.19.0

Improvements to OpenEMS Simulator-App

The Simulator-App is a very specific component that needs to be handled with care. It provides a full simulation environment to run an OpenEMS Edge instance in simulated realtime environment. After you ran a Simulation, you will receive the simulation result as a JSON. Also the simulation result can be viewed in OpenEMS UI.

Migrate Refu88K from ESS to BatteryInverter

The implemenation for REFU 88k Battery-Inverter now uses the recently added „BatteryInverter“ Nature in combination with the „GenericEss“ implementation.

…and lots of code quality improvements and bug fixes

Release 2020.17.0

  • Improvements on energy values
    • Adjust driver components for GoodWe, Sinexcel, Carlo Gavazzi, KACO blueplanet gridsave, Janitza UMG96RME and all the Simulators
    • Improve handling throughout the stack in OpenEMS Edge and OpenEMS UI
  • Implement BMW battery
    • as used in the award winning FENECON Industrial energy storage platform
  • Implement historic energy with local timeseries database RRD4J
  • Implement SOCOMEC Countis E23 meter

…and lots of code quality improvements and bug fixes

Release 2020.16.0

Bugfixes and improvements on various parts of OpenEMS:

  • RRD4j: local timeseries database
  • Ess Sell-To-Grid Limit Controller: increase charging of battery to avoid 70 % cutoff
  • OneWire: temperature sensors
  • Controller.Api.Rest: local JSON/REST Api
  • Controller.CHP.SoC: control of a CHP or diesel generator based on State-of-Charge
  • special handling required for charging of Renault ZOE

Release 2020.15.0

  • Implement Generic JsonLogic Controller

    The JsonLogic-Controller is a very generic Controller that allows the definition of a complex logic as a configuration at runtime, e.g. via Apache Felix Web Console. It is based on the JsonLogic specification.

  • Refresh docs and screenshots. See docs and Github Readme
  • Improve DefaultConfigurationWorker

    NOTE: Use the DefaultConfigurationWorker to simplify appling default configurations on your deployments – like always setting up a Backend.Api.Controller.