Release 2021.18.0

  • Time-of-use-Tariff Discharge Controller

Schedules the discharging of an AC or DC energy storage system in the night based on time-of-use prices, predicted production and consumption.

  • ESS Cycle Controller

Executes charge/discharge cycles on an ESS.

  • Generic Off-Grid ESS Implementation

Similar to the existing Generic-ESS, this Off-Grid variant takes any off-gridable battery inverter (like Sinexcel), any battery and an external device that manages grid-switching and off-grid detection to seamlessly transfer between public- and micro-grid.

  • Numerous bug fixes, dependency updates and other changes

Release 2021.14.0

  • Similar-Day Predictor

The research in EMSIG project showed, that the ‚Similar-Day-Model‘ can achieve good results for prediction of a household consumption. This release comes with an implementation of this model as a predictor in OpenEMS.

  • Bosch BPT-S 5 Hybrid Energy Storage System

The dated Bosch BPT-S 5 Hybrid ESS is now supported by OpenEMS.

  • Numerous bug fixes, dependency updatens and other changes

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