Release 2020.12.0

  • Generic implementation of SOCOMEC meters
    Just configure Meter.Socomec.Singlephase or Meter.Socomec.Threephase. The actual type and modbus protocol of the Socomec meter is identified automatically.
  • Lots of improvements under the hood
    • Add generic implementation for State-Machines
    • New OpenEMS Nature „BatteryInverter“ (ManagedSymmetricBatteryInverter, SymmetricBatteryInverter)
    • Implement Generic ManagedSymmetricEss
    • New feature „Start-Stop“
    • Add JUnit Test-Framework for all kinds of OpenemsComponents

Release 2020.5

  • Add Asymmetric Peakshaving Controller
    Applies asymmetric peak-shaving at the grid meter using a energy storage system. The controller evaluates the grid meter phase with the highest load and discharges the energy storage system accordingly to cut this power peak in order to avoid the fuse to be triggered. On low consumption periods the energy storage system recharges.
  • Add Channel-Single-Threshold Controller
    Generic Controller that sets a digital output according to the value of given Channel – e.g. turn a Relay on or off, when configured input channel/SoC is above or below a given threshold respectively.
  • Add DefaultConfigurationWorker. Creates default configurations for deployment of Energy Management Systems
  • Plenty of UI improvements, including adding Live & History Widgets for Symmetric and Asymmetric Peak-Shaving Controllers


More information and screenshots can be found on the FENECON blog post about the latest update on FEMS: