Release 2020.16.0

Bugfixes and improvements on various parts of OpenEMS:

  • RRD4j: local timeseries database
  • Ess Sell-To-Grid Limit Controller: increase charging of battery to avoid 70 % cutoff
  • OneWire: temperature sensors
  • Controller.Api.Rest: local JSON/REST Api
  • Controller.CHP.SoC: control of a CHP or diesel generator based on State-of-Charge
  • special handling required for charging of Renault ZOE

Release 2020.15.0

  • Implement Generic JsonLogic Controller

    The JsonLogic-Controller is a very generic Controller that allows the definition of a complex logic as a configuration at runtime, e.g. via Apache Felix Web Console. It is based on the JsonLogic specification.

  • Refresh docs and screenshots. See docs and Github Readme
  • Improve DefaultConfigurationWorker

    NOTE: Use the DefaultConfigurationWorker to simplify appling default configurations on your deployments – like always setting up a Backend.Api.Controller.

Release 2020.12.0

  • Generic implementation of SOCOMEC meters
    Just configure Meter.Socomec.Singlephase or Meter.Socomec.Threephase. The actual type and modbus protocol of the Socomec meter is identified automatically.
  • Lots of improvements under the hood
    • Add generic implementation for State-Machines
    • New OpenEMS Nature „BatteryInverter“ (ManagedSymmetricBatteryInverter, SymmetricBatteryInverter)
    • Implement Generic ManagedSymmetricEss
    • New feature „Start-Stop“
    • Add JUnit Test-Framework for all kinds of OpenemsComponents