OpenEMS Update Call 1st November 2019

At todays open update call we were discussing the following topics.

OpenEMS Releases since last Update Call.

Unfortunately the last Update Call on 4th October had been cancelled, so we discussed:

For details click the Release links above.


Afterwards a Live-Demo showed the progress in OpenEMS Edge, Backend and UI development


The all-new „Energymonitor“ is now much lighter than before and completely animated to visualize the energy flow.

Improved Energymonitor in OpenEMS UI

All in all it fits very well with the redesigned Widgets in the Live-View.

Redesigned Widgets in Live-View. Behind each Widget a detailed „Modal“-View and Settings screen hides that can be accessed by a click on the Widget.

The next focus of UI development is the Backend-View.

Combined heat and power plant (CHP) / Blockheizkraftwerk (BHKW) integration

Algorithms in Edge and UI live widget for CHP were improved:

Live-Widget for CHP
Detailed view and settings screen for CHP

Note: the text in the blue bar on the top of the screen is taken from the OpenEMS Edge Components „alias“ setting an fully adjustable.

Electric Vehicle Charging

There is continuous progress in electric vehicle charging for single charging stations and charging clusters.

Live-Widget for single electric vehicle charging
Detailed view and settings screen for electric vehicle charging
Live-View for multiple charging stations in a cluster

Manual Relay control

The Fix-IO-Controller allows direct setting of digital outputs like a Relay. A new UI widget enables easy control of these outputs from the Live view:

Live-View for manual control of a Relay
Settings screen for manual control of a Relay

Next Update Call

Make sure to join next update call. Find more details in the OpenEMS Community.

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