First Member in China: Nanjing Yanmai Info Tech Co., LTD

On August 26, Stefan Feilmeier, chairman of the OpenEMS Association, and Yanmai held an online meeting. Feilmeier announced that the OpenEMS association accepted Nanjing Yanmai Info Tech Co., LTD as the first member in China

Yanmai was founded in 2015, located in Nanjing, east of China. The company is a service and software supplier and partner of Siemens AG in power automation field.

Thanks to the OpenEMS project, Yanmai is developing a series of products for power automation and HVAC. The most important product is the MustDATA Edge Box, with OpenEMS Edge inside proudly.

MustData Edge Box

The main function of MustDATA Edge Box is gathering data from PLC, remote IO, sensors, storing data in SSD and analyzing data with edge computing function. The MustDATA Edge Box has quad-core ARMv7 with GPU for data processing, 2G memory, 1 giga-ethernet, 5 ports of mega-ethernet, Wi-Fi, multi RS-485, and optional 4G, Zigbee, Lora, GPS, etc. You may visit for further information.

MustDATA team is also developing many drivers on siemens meters and power protection devices, such as SM300 and 7SJ68 etc. The MustDATA team is willing to contribute to OpenEMS continuously, and introduce OpenEMS to manufactures, users, and public more widely in China. Feilmeier expressed his appreciation for the efforts of MustDATA Team and hoped enhance communication between MustDATA team members and OpenEMS members.

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