Interview with ees Award finalist

„Electricity can be the major energy to run all known electric applications“ | INTERVIEW with ees Award finalist FENECON GmbH

All our platforms use the FEMS energy management system. As being an energy storage system manufacturer almost mainly means to be a software company, we have quite a lot software architects and developers in our team and we are involved in many research projects with renowned universities and institutes. Together we initiated the OpenEMS energy management system, which is now the leading European EMS software. The code value meanwhile is more than 9 mn USD, which means that anybody developing this himself, would have to invest this sum and several years of time – while OpenEMS is open source and freely available to anybody including hardware manufacturers, utilities or grid operators. For this powerful contribution to a fast and decentral energy transition we were honored with different awards already.

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OpenEMS-basierter Speicher für ees Award 2020 nominiert

FEMS Energiemanagement garantiert viele Anwendungsmöglichkeiten

Das OpenEMS-basierte FEMS Energiemanagement ermöglicht eine große Anwendungsvielfalt mit der Möglichkeit, regelbare Verbraucher und Erzeuger, sowie Netzrestriktionen und Energiemarkt-Möglichkeiten aktiv einzubinden.

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Release 2020.12.0

  • Generic implementation of SOCOMEC meters
    Just configure Meter.Socomec.Singlephase or Meter.Socomec.Threephase. The actual type and modbus protocol of the Socomec meter is identified automatically.
  • Lots of improvements under the hood
    • Add generic implementation for State-Machines
    • New OpenEMS Nature „BatteryInverter“ (ManagedSymmetricBatteryInverter, SymmetricBatteryInverter)
    • Implement Generic ManagedSymmetricEss
    • New feature „Start-Stop“
    • Add JUnit Test-Framework for all kinds of OpenemsComponents

EASY-RES Who’s Who

EASY-RES is a European Research Project.

„the Open Energy Management System (OpenEMS, that is now being adopted as a standard by many institutions and companies worldwide.“

„OpenEMS serves as an important part of the required information and communications technology and is further developed within the project.“